General Edit

Anger of Perseus

Anger of Perseus is the capital ship you can build in this game. If you are early at building a shipyard to level 16, this capital ship may be expensive for you. Therefore you should require a decent amount of steel production, antimatter production and high production of other resources.

Special Effect Edit

The Anger of Perseus will enter a 'berserk mode' when the player's OR the enemy fleet's HP drop below 15%. In this mode, your fleet will get +50% piercing power and will do 50% more damage for each Anger of Perseus.

Costs Edit

Ressource Amount
Iron 200B
Steel 2T
Titanium 50B
Nanotubes 500M
Ammunition 1B
Robots 1M
Armor 10M
Engine 300K
Full battery 350M
U-Ammunition 100M
Antimatter 10K