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Batteries are meant to transport energy between planets. Empty Batteries are made in Battery Factories using steel and hydrogen. Empty batteries will be consumed by the Battery Charger (in the other tab) that will use energy to output. Full Batteries will be converted back into energy and Empty Batteries (that can be reused) in the Battery Power Plant, but THERE WILL BE SOME LOSSES, cause everything got a price. These buildings are available on all planets. Wireless transfer may be added in the future.

Battery Factory will require 100 energy to produce 1000 batteries, so 0.1 energy per battery. They will be charged in stacks of 10000 in the battery charger for 250 energy, so requiring 0.025 each charge, and giving back 0.024 (96%) since the Battery Power Planet will now produce 240 energy from 10000 full batteries. They can be charged up to roughly 20 times (since each time you will lose 5% of batteries) requiring 20*0.025 = 0.5 energy, giving back 0.48 energy.

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