Heart of Galaxy Wiki

The game is played locally, with no connection to a game server. This makes it vulnerable to many forms of exploit

Idle bonus[]

You just need to change you computer's time to a future date. Since the idle bonus cap (100x for 10 minutes) is reached at 33 hours, the most easy adjustment is Today + 2 days. You need to reload the game for the game time to be updated (save the game beforehand).

You might want to pause the game before saving reloading. Since the Idle Bonus will make the game run very fast, if you want to make fine adjustments, you might need to pause/unpause the game several times, and the first minute or so would be wasted if it doesn't start paused.

After your idle bonus wears off, quickly upgrade various research technologies and do so again until satisfied.

A word of caution

Setting the System clock back in time (that is, back from the time the game thought it was, even if it's the future relative to the real date) will mess with travel times, meaning your fleets will register needing hours or days (or more) to reach their destinations. If this happens, all currently traveling fleets (including autoroutes) will have to be canceled and the autoroutes remade from scratch (easier with a hub planet. So

  • Make sure only autoroutes / automatic fleets are travelling
  • If you're going to make several jumps in time, make them all into the future (today +2, today +4, and so on) before resetting back to the current date/time, in order to minimize trouble.

An alternative approach that does not break autoroutes would involve setting the time of your system back a few days without closing the game. Effects on travelling fleets and autoroutes can be observed immedeatly. After saving, closing the game and setting the clock back to the actual current time, the idle bonus will activate upon reopening the game without breaking the traveltimes of fleets.

Game files tampering[]

The game files are just pure HTML, CSS and above all, JS, living in the browser. You can use your browser developer's tools to alter them (on a local copy, of course). Programming knowdlege needed.

Load another player's game[]

You can try the ones at The Lost Sheep Folder

Fast Space Travel[]

Let, you have fleet on source planet (S-Fleet) and slower fleet on destination planet (D-Fleet), and those 2 planets under your control. Then to transfer the S-Fleet to destination, do the following steps:

  • Unload engines from D-Fleet
  • Make auto-route with D-Fleet from D-Planet to S-Planet
  • Join this auto-route with your S-Fleet
  • Cancel auto-route
  • Cancel traveling D-Fleet
  • Now, you have S-Fleet merged with D-Fleet on your destination planet.
  • Profit !!!

This is very usefull after conquer Xora Tauri to get Perseus to central planet. Later, when you have millions of engines, this trick will no longer be so interesting.