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The Fleets tab iw about to fleet management. The The ships builts in the shipyards are listed here, grouped into fleets.

Left tabs Edit

Fleets are grouped by type:

  • Cargo Fleets, showing fleets of both Colonial (Vitha Colonial Ship) and Cargo ships
  • Miner Fleets, showing fleets of Miner ships (Medusa Miner) ; see Space Mining technology
  • Hub Fleets
  • War Fleets, with all military ships, including ennemy fleets when at least one ship is orbiting the planet where is the enemy fleet
  • Traveling Fleets, showing all fleets currently traveling (all types except Auto-routes)
  • Attacking Fleets, showing ennemy fleets travelling to attack one of your planet (in The Void map, enemies are attacking nearby planets)
  • Market Fleets, showing fleets travelling from New Babilo to deliver the resources you bought (see Market)
  • Auto-routes, cargo fleets assigned to a recurring travel between two planets
    • Auto-routes for each conquered planet

Fleets actions Edit

  • Cancel Travel
  • Edit automatic route
  • Split automatic route
  • Cancel automatic route
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