Introduction Edit

Within the diplomacy tab, new government forms are unlocked after specific milestones are reached.

This start after the second time travel (from the game release notes)

List of Governments Edit

Current implement government forms are:

Government type Bonus Malus Unlocked by defeating
No Government No bonus No malus
Military Dictatorship All military production +20% Research points production -20% The City's Council
Environmental Republic Biomass related buildings production +100% Nuclear and fuel energy production -20% Green Republic
Quorum Sensing Re-engineered servants costs -25% All other ships costs +25% The Golden Horde
Technocratic Republic Research points per seconds +15% All ships costs +15% Halean Republics
Military Federation All military production +50% Research points production -50% Federal Quris Empire
Robotic Collectivism Electronics related production +100% Biomass related production -50% Zeleran Collectivity
Anarchy Resources from raids +100% All productions -20% Pirates
Merchant Federation Market max stocks +100% Orion League
Empire Fleet power increased by Influence/10.000 % All ships costs +25% Fallen Human Empire
Tribal Rule Bonus power for fleets with low number of ships Chance for planets to rebel Karan Chiefdoms
Mining Corporation Miner ships effect +100% Research points production -50% Andromeda Corporation
Merchant Republic Allows access to the market to Pirates allies All productions -50% Yolur Republic
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