The Halean A.I. Center is one of two buildings that produce robots, the other being the Robots Factory. It is unlocked by researching Halean Technology level 1 and is boosted with subsequent levels.

Analysis Edit

Halean A.I. Centers provide a much simpler alternative to robots production by eliminating the need for steel, nanotubes, and coolants, and replacing them with technetium. It is far easier to produce technetium, especially since at this point the player will have access to two planets with bonuses to technetium production, than it is to produce nanotubes and coolants. Nanotubes are also valuable in constructing certain high level ships, and Robots Factories may cut into that already-limited supply. Halean A.I. Centers will likely be the player's only source of robots in the first run.

Another advantage to Halean A.I. Centers is the fact that they can be built on any planet type available, should the need for more robots beyond Zelera and New Babilo arise. While the circuit consumption may be the bottleneck for robots production initially, later on when the circuit shortage is sorted, the player is free to build Halean A.I. Centers on Lone Nassaus, a lava planet with unmatched solar energy. They may also be freely built on gas giants with antimatter colliders, due to the excess energy available. Neither planet types support the construction of Robots Factories.

There are two major disadvantages to Halean A.I. Centers. They are prohibitively expensive on circuits, and have a high cost multiplier associated with them. It will be particularly difficult to construct more than 10 as a result. The technology that boosts Halean A.I. Centers also suffer a high technology point cost and cost multiplier. As a result, with enough TP invested into Artificial Intelligence, Robots Factories can far outperform Halean A.I. Centers in terms of robots production, and it will be easier to produce the necessary coolants and nanotubes if enough TP is invested into Cryogenics, Material Science, and Hydrology. Despite these shortcomings, they are excellent for producing robots on the first run and are a good complementary addition to Robots Factories on subsequent run, as long as construction and energy costs are carefully monitored.

Buildings Technetium Cost Total Technetium Circuit Cost Total Circuits Nanotubes Cost Total Nanotubes
1 100.00 100.00 500.00K 500.00K 2.00K 2.00K
2 120.00 220.00 750.00K 1.25M 2.60K 4.60K
3 144.00 364.00 1.13M 2.38M 3.38K 7.98K
4 172.80 536.80 1.69M 4.07M 4.39K 12.37K
5 207.36 744.16 2.53M 6.60M 5.71K 18.08K
6 248.83 992.99 3.80M 10.40M 7.43K 25.51K
7 298.60 1.29K 5.70M 16.10M 9.65K 35.16K
8 358.32 1.65K 8.54M 24.64M 12.55K 47.71K
9 429.98 2.08K 12.81M 37.45M 16.31K 64.02K
10 515.98 2.60K 19.22M 56.67M 21.21K 85.23K
11 619.17 3.22K 28.83M 85.50M 27.57K 112.80K
12 743.01 3.96K 43.25M 128.75M 35.84K 148.64K
13 891.61 4.85K 64.87M 193.62M 46.60K 195.24K
14 1.07K 5.92K 97.31M 290.93M 60.58K 255.82K
15 1.28K 7.20K 145.96M 436.89M 78.75K 334.57K
16 1.54K 8.74K 218.95M 655.84M 102.37K 436.94K
17 1.85K 10.59K 328.42M 984.26M 133.08K 570.02K
18 2.22K 12.81K 492.63M 1.48B 173.01K 743.03K
19 2.66K 15.47K 738.95M 2.22B 224.91K 967.94K
20 3.19K 18.66K 1.11B 3.33B 292.38K 1.26M