Halean Technology is a mid-game technology that is available once the player conquers the first Halean planet, Posirion.


Halean Technology unlocks the construction of the Technetium Fissor, Halean A.I. Center, and Halean Laboratory. Each subsequent level improves the production of each of these buildings by +12%, Level 4 unlocks Quantum Physics. Note that the production bonus is independent from Artificial Intelligence, and does not affect Robots Factories. Its research point starting cost is 100.00M with a cost multiplier of x2.20. Its technology point starting cost is 100.00 with a cost multiplier of x1.50.

This technology provides the player with the tools necessary to dominate the mid and late game. The Technetium Fissor produces technetium, which is necessary to construct some powerful buildings, the Auxilia Beta, and power Halean A.I. Centers and Halean Laboratories. The Halean A.I. Centers give the player another option to produce robots more easily, while the Halean Laboratories offer more research points.

This technology along with each of its buildings are not without their faults. The high starting graphite cost of the fissors allows the cost to scale quickly into something unaffordable, thus making technetium a bottlecap of sorts later in the game. While the A.I. centers do allow the player to produce robots more easily, they also cost more circuits to construct, whose cost scales faster than that of Robots Factories. It is especially difficult to justify building many of these at once if the player has access to enough TP to invest into Artificial Intelligence in order to effortlessly surpass the A.I. center's production of robots via Robots Factories, as it is much more expensive to invest TP into Halean Technology. The high circuit cost and multiplier of the laboratories makes them especially difficult to construct until the player has researched Metallokopta's Science.

Despite these shortcomings, this technology is still very valuable. The A.I. centers can complement the Robots Factories, when constructing each factory becomes impossible to afford. The Halean Laboratories are also very good secondary sources of RP as long as enough are built on each planet.

Level RP Cost TP Cost Net Bonus Fissor/A.I. Center Production
1 100.00M 100.00 +0% 1.12
2 220.00M 150.00 +12% 1.25
3 484.00M 225.00 +25.44% 1.40
4 1.06B 337.50 +40.49% 1.57
5 2.34B 506.25 +57.35% 1.76
6 5.15B 759.38 +76.23% 1.97
7 11.34B 1.14K +97.38% 2.21
8 24.94B 1.71K +121.07% 2.48
9 54.88B 2.57K +147.60% 2.77
10 120.73B 3.85K +177.31% 3.11
11 265.60B 5.77K +210.58% 3.48
12 584.32B 8.66K +247.85% 3.90
13 1.29T 12.99K +289.60% 4.36
14 2.83T 19.48K +336.35% 4.89
15 6.22T 29.22K +388.71% 5.87
16 13.69T 43.83K +447.36% 6.13
17 30.11T 65.74K +513.04% 6.87
18 66.25T 98.61K +586.60% 7.69
19 145.75T 147.91K +669.00% 8.61
20 320.65T 221.87K +761.28% 9.65