Missions are tasks which different civilizations can give to you. It is up to you whether or not you will finish them.

It is not required to finish any mission in order to conquer Perseus Arm or Andromeda Heart

Generally you need to have neutral or positive relationship with a civilization in order to receive missions from them. Furthermore you must have time travelled at least once.

You find missions in the Diplomacy tab. They are listed under their representing civilization.

Note: "Investigating" a planet is done by selecting the planet itself. An exclamation point should be present over the picture of the planet. You do not need a fleet in orbit of the planet to investigate it.

Reward Edit

Then you have completed a mission you can acquire a reward.

The reward is acquired in the diplomatic tab next to the described mission.

Reward might include:

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Unaligned missions Edit

See The Space Tournament.

Civilization missions Edit

Perseus Arm Edit

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