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The shipyard allows you to build ships. The higher the level, the more ships you may build. To build a shipyard, you first require interstellar travel level 1.

Levels Edit

On this table below, you see what you unlock with each level:

Shipyard Level Cost Unlock ships
1 Steel: 5.00K

Titanium: 1.00K

VithaVitha Colonial Ship
Zb03ZB-03 Small Cargo
2 Steel: 10.00K

Titanium: 3.20K

Zb04ZB-04 Hauler
3 Steel: 20.00K

Titanium: 10.24K

Ark 22ARK-22
4 Steel: 40.00K

Titanium: 32.77K

Ark 55ARK-55
5 Steel: 80.00K

Titanium: 104.86K

6 Steel: 160.00K

Titanium: 335.54K

Sky dragonSky Dragon
7 Steel: 320.00K

Titanium: 1.07M

Zb22ZB-22 Transporter
8 Steel: 640.00K

Titanium: 3.44M

9 Steel: 1.28M

Titanium: 11.00M

Zb50ZB-50 Big Cargo
10 Steel: 2.56M

Titanium: 35.18M

11 Steel: 5.12M

Titanium: 112.59M

12 Steel: 10.24M

Titanium: 360.29M

13 Steel: 20.48M

Titanium: 1.15B

14 Steel: 40.96M

Titanium: 3.69B

AuxiliaAuxilia Beta[1]

Orion2Orion Cargo

15 Steel: 81.92M

Titanium: 11.81B

ServantRe-engineered Servant[2]
16 Steel: 163.84M

Titanium: 37.78B

AngerAnger of Perseus[3]
17 Steel: 327.68M

Titanium: 120.89B

OrionAndromeda Cargo[4]
18 Steel: 655.35M

Titanium: 386.86B

MinerMedusa Miner[4]
19 Steel: 1.31B

Titanium: 1.24T

20 2.62B

Titanium: 3.96T

SoulSoul of Andromeda[6]
  1. Also requires Quris Art of War level 3
  2. Also requires Metallokopta's Biology level 1
  3. Also requires Quantum Physics level 3
  4. 4.0 4.1 Also requires Space Mining level 1
  5. Also requires Protohalean Science level 1
  6. Also requires Dark Matter Science level 1
se Buildings

Ammonia Extractor Arctic Fishing Outpost Carbon-Sulfur Mine Graphite Extractor Hunting Spot Hydrogen Condenser Ice Drill Lava Mine Metal Collector Methane Extractor Methane Harvester Mining Plant Oil Pump Osmium Extractor Pumping Platform Rhodium Extractor Sand Mine Sand Quarry Submerged Metal Mine Submerged Sand Mine Thorium-Caesium Extractor Water Pump

Production small

Algae Oil Farm Ammonia Electrolyzer Ammonia Refrigerator Ammunition Factory Armor Factory Battery Factory Biofuel Refinery Bioplastic Synthesizer Cells Factory Ceramic Foundry Coolant Factory Dark Matter Refiner Electrolyzer Electronic Facility Engine Factory Explosives Factory Floating Fuel Converter Floating Greenhouse Foundry Halean A.I. Center Ice Melter Metallokopta Clonator Methane Aggregator Methane Processer Nanotubes Dome Nanotubes Factory Oil Refinery Particle Accelerator Plastic Factory Polymerizer Qasers Assembler Rhodium Sand Smelter Robots Factory Sand Smelter Shield Assembler Submerged Oil Refinery Superconductors Factory T-Ammunition Assembler Technetium Fissor Uranium Shell Assembler Water Freezer Xiran Foundry

Energy small

Antimatter Collider Bacterial Bioreactor Battery Power Plant Floating Generator Floating Reactor Fusion Reactor Hydrothermal Plant Hydroelectric Plant Nuclear Powerplant Pressurized Ammonia Reactor Pressurized Water Reactor Small Generator Solar Central Thermal Plant Thorium Reactor


Ammonia Airship Bioengineering Center Cryogenic Laboratory Fluidodynamics Center Halean Laboratory Karan Laboratory Laboratory Oceanographic Center Superfluids Center Vulcan Observatory

Loading small

Ballistic Artillery Battery Charger Greenhouse Laser Artillery Planetary Cannon Shipyard Space Gate Alpha Space Gate Beta Space Gate Delta Space Gate Gamma Trade Hub Wahrian Time Machine

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