Technologies are gained by spending Research Points, which are earned by the different Laboratories in the game.

The laboratories can be found under the "dna" icon on your bottom toolbar, and Research Points can be spent under the atom icon on top of your game screen.

Each technology has multiple levels to it, with each one costing more Research Points than the last. You may need to achieve certain levels of research to be able to begin production on some resources (Armor, Nanotubes, etc.), or to build certain facilities (Cryogenic Lab, etc.).

Each subsequent technology has a cost multiplier associated with it depending on the technology.

Technologies can also be gained by spending Technology Points, which are earned only upon the activation of a Wahrian Time Machine.

Perseus Arm technologies Edit

Interstellar Travel Edit

Scientific Research Edit

  • Unlocked by Interstellar Travel level 1.
  • Each upgrade boosts all labs output (increased research point production) ; all Research Points production +10% (10%^Level, in fact).
  • Maxed at level 64.

Geology Edit

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Andromeda Heart technologies Edit

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