Technology Points, or TP, are an alternative spendable resource to research technologies. They function much like research points, however they are available only after the player has used the Wahrian Time Machine at least once, and cannot be produced via conventional means, such as labs.


Upon the player's first reset, they will receive a certain amount of TP based on how many RP the player has generated throughout their run and how much influence they have. Amount of TP gained is dictated by the following equation,

$ \text{TP} ~ = ~ \text{TP}_\text{old} ~ + ~ \left (\frac{2}{\ln(5)} ~ \times ~ \ln \left (1 ~ + ~ \frac{\text{RP}}{200 ~ \times ~ 10^9}\right ) ~ \times ~ \text{influence} \right ) $

where TPold is zero on the player's first run. TP earned in previous runs will be added to the new TP calculation. If influence equals 1.878, which is the maximum available influence in the Perseus Arm, the equation simplifies:

$ \text{TP} ~ = ~ \text{TP}_\text{old} ~ + ~ \left (2333.73 ~ \times ~ \ln\left (1 ~ + ~ \frac{\text{RP}}{200 ~ \times ~ 10^9}\right )\right ) $

It is incredibly important to consider that the Wahrian Time Machine is the player's only source of TP. They cannot be generated any other way. As such, they must be spent wisely, and it is recommended the player plans their TP purchases on successive runs based on how much they will receive. Well-spent TP may greatly speed up the player's conquest of planets and give them a chance to push through the Andromeda Heart.

General wisdom holds that the best technologies to invest TP in are Geology, Material Science, Scientific Research, and Quris Art of War, along with minimal levels in Cryogenics, Chemical Engineering, and Electronics. On subsequent runs, saving sufficient TP for more Quris Art of War levels is highly recommended, as it will greatly speed up conquest of planets. Research technologies also should be prioritized, as the extra RP will go hand in hand to help the player push through planets much faster. Military Technology is recommended after the second run to speed up armor and engine production, as well as extra ammo that will help just a little more in conquering more planets.

TP costs for different technologies vary very wildly, and mostly contrast greatly with its respective RP cost. TP cost multipliers are also seldom similar.

There is an option to show how many Research Points and technology points the player has accumulated.

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