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You can access the Space Tournament once Teleras is visible (i.e., once you reach Interstellar Travel level 7).  In order to participate in the tournament you must bring a war fleet to Teleras. The opponent fleet's strength increases by 1.3 each subsequent round in the tournament.


  • Tournament battles follow the same rules (ammo, ships lost...) as regular planetary battles.
  • Rewards from the Unaligned Missions are linked to The Space Tournament. You can claim your rewards under the diplomacy tab under the Unaligned Missions section.


  • The Tournament can be a good source of experience while using an Anger of Perseus ship. A single Anger of Perseus can win the first 16 battle rounds without any exp, ship lost or the need of any ammo. Load some ammo on your Anger of Perseus to go even more battle rounds.
Unaligned Missions rewards
Quest Reward
2 Apprentice 10M Ammunition
3 Senior 50M Ammunition
5 Master 1 Augustus ship

Quris Art of War research unlock

8 Officer 100M Ammunition
16 Lieutenant 5 Augustus ships
32 Commander Medal of Valor artifact (+50% to all ships HP)

10 Leonidas ships

64 Captain 200 Alexander ships
128 Commodore Medal of Honor artifact (+50% to all ships Shields)

5M Cerberus ships

192 Admiral Medal of Glory artifact ( max experience 10.000)

1B Charon ships.

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